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Are your trees in need of a trim? Our tree trimming services, also referred to as tree pruning will help maintain your trees’ charm, health, and safety, and we recommend having your trees trimmed on a regular schedule of every 1-2 years, depending on the tree species. You can talk to one of our tree specialists to help you determine the frequency.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is tree pruning that decreases the height and spread of a tree. Our skilled tree trimmers can properly cut back the appropriate limbs to achieve the proper shape, all while maintaining the sustenance of the remaining limbs and overall health of your tree.

By removing lower branches, your tree reaches a specific height, making the crown of the tree higher and not a hazard.


This is a great method to organize your yard and the small trees in your yard. You can control the growth of your small trees.

By reducing the yard or the small trees in your yard, you can shape your trees the way you want to.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwooding is the process of pruning and removing dead branches and limbs from a tree. Deadwood tree removal should be performed with great care and with proper tools, to avoid damaging healthy parts of the tree.


Elevating is the process of removing lower limbs and branches, giving the tree a taller appearance. Elevating trees also helps avoid hazardous zones around the tree due to limbs and branches that may fall.

It is also important for the tree itself to get dead branches removed, so that it will not die.

Stump Grinding

The stump of a tree is the remaining base of the tree after the tree has been cut and felled. Stumps can be anywhere from 8 inches to 2 feet high, depending on the tree’s removal. Using a high-powered stump grinding machine, we finely chip the stump down to about 18 inches below the surface to destroy the heart of the tree’s root system — thus preventing the spread of the roots and the regrowth of new limbs that may start to grow out of an old stump.

Clean Up Service

As part of the services that we provide, clean up of the leafs, limbs and any other part of a tree that we just treaded is included. We have the necessary machines to get rid off all of the unwanted wood. If the client wishes we can also leave the wood to be used as fire wood for their fireplace. We make sure that your yard and the area around your tree will stay as clean as it was before starting our work.


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